Braille Communication

You need to print documents in Braille? You want to learn to read Braille? Here, we offer a list of Braille communication experts, all specialists in their field.

You will find experts in Braille training, Braille printing, as well as specialist equipment.

Experts in Braille printing

Imprimerie Laville

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Imprimerie Laville, a French specialist in relief printing, offers original know-how based on two main lines: relief printing and traditional goffering.

This expert offers tactile relief printing for the blind: Braille and tactile drawings by traditional embossing, goffering and thermo-relief. The association of these techniques represents a unique offering enabling Braille text and tactile drawing to be combined. Above all, it makes it possible to superimpose the visible and the tactile on the same document, thus encouraging a dialogue between the sighted and the non-sighted who are able to read the same text together on the same page.

Association Valentin Haüy

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The French Association Valentin Haüy was recognised as being of public interest in 1891. Its founder, Maurice de la Sizeranne, who became blind at the age of 9 years, wanted to support the blind in their fight to access culture and the world of work.

The two Braille print shops, which are part of the Association Valentin Haüy, target companies, public organisations and private individuals. They offer an embossing service (Braille printing) for all types of text documents, including musical scores, and print Braille signposting on different types of support: transparent plastic, PVC, aluminium, etc.

Experts in Braille training:

Association Valentin Haüy

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Braille may be learned at any time and at any age. Whether you are sighted or non-sighted, it is possible to acquire the notions essential to reading and
writing Braille.
It is quite simply a matter of learning a new alphabet.

Thanks to a team of about fifty volunteers, the French Association Valentin Haüy provides Braille teaching in Paris and in many regional committees, and also offers correspondence courses for those unable to travel or who do not live near a committee.


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The French organisation CECIAA was created in 1990 by a group of blind people, including Jean-Luc AUGAUDY, the current Chairman.
Their policy is to favour the integration of the visually-impaired into everyday life in schools and the world of work.

Ceciaa offers training courses on the use of Braille terminals, as well as courses on Braille printing and, more specifically, on the use of a Braille printer.