e-accessibility initiates actions for the disabled which need to be known and conveyed to others.

Subsidies for equipment, information about accessibility, online availability of instructions, promotion of e-accessibility conformity logos, etc.

You are an organisation in direct contact with disability, sustainable development, employment, the specialist press, the Internet, etc., we are looking for information relay contacts in order to reach a maximum number of people.

Being an e-accessibility partner

Partnerships are at the heart of our action.
Since 2009, e-accessibility has built a network of exceptional partners around its actions.

Our work requires cooperation between a number of associated groups which provide us with their support and their contribution: media and journalists, associations, schools, etc.

Along with all those who work in the public interest sector or the public information sector on disability and the Web, we have made a sense of partnership a key aspect of our identity. Applying a sense of partnership means, in the continuity of our work, doing our utmost to take care of the relationships of reciprocity and harmony which we want to establish and maintain with each one over time, for the benefit of all.

A sense of partnership is the recognition of the essential link between collaboration and the moral obligations conferred on us by all those in France who help to make e-accessibility a useful, profitable and healthy association.

If you would like to receive our information or propose a partnership, please contact us.

Terms and conditions

You would like to support the association in its development by becoming a partner. There are several different ways to support e-accessibility:

  • Contributions in kind: computer equipment, technical aids, specialist equipment, information relay contacts
  • Technological and advisory contributions: become a Web accessibility certified expert

    Any organisation specialising in accessibility and the taking into account of disability is able to integrate the e-accessibility directory.

    This directory has been designed with a view to helping companies wishing to set up actions based on disability to find the specialists in their field (Web accessibility, Braille printers, sign language specialists, employment for the disabled).

    Register your company
    The e-accessibility directory presents an exhaustive list of professionals working in the field of accessibility and disability. The selection is made on the basis of the relevance, expertise and experience of each one.

    This free and easy-to-use tool is designed for « communication & disability service » departments, or stakeholders wishing to set up actions in this field. It was set up to offer a simple and effective service for finding the company able to meet needs both upstream and downstream in just a few clicks.

  • Financial contributions: Purchase of advertising space

    The e-accessibility association is a website specialising in digital accessibility open to the greatest number of people. If you want to promote and disseminate some of your actions or messages (concerning disability) on our website we are able to provide you with advertising space (advertising banners on the right-hand side)

    Communicating on our advertising spaces
    Unique, thanks to its concept, the e-accessibility portal has very quickly become a reference in France in the field of digital accessibility. Spaces are reserved on our website to help you to communicate about your services, products and disability actions.

    Your target: disabled people, large companies, companies specialising in accessibility and disability, schools, associations.

    For further information, please contact the association.

  • Other contributions: exchange of links, distribution of brochures