Why become a donor?

Today, all companies are able to participate in financing technical aids for the disabled, enabling them to:

  • Confirm their commitment to social responsibility

    Corporate solidarity is necessary in order to improve the living conditions of the disabled and favour their personal development.
    Today, an increasing number of companies promote their corporate responsibility approach by making their documents and websites accessible, as well as by becoming patrons.

  • Integrate solidarity into your business culture

    Although contributions to private funds are on the decrease, there is a huge difference in contributions made by different companies. Among these, the most committed to disability become so as part of a citizenship approach. Often, as donors and volunteers, they encourage their counterparts to adopt this participative and responsible attitude.

Why become a donor?

If you are a private individual, you may be able to help us in our action to finance technical aids for the disabled, in order to:

  • Participate in their integration into our society

    The participation of the disabled in social life and citizenship is a priority. A person’s life project is now central to all actions concerning disability.
    The idea is to provide each disabled person with a solution adapted to his specific needs in terms of technical aids.

  • Promote the use of new Web technologies

    A disabled person needs technical supports in order to reduce his visual or motor deficiencies. Digital technology remains the most effective solution for finding information as well as employment.
    We try to support these disabled people towards real and effective professional integration.