One of the association’s main missions is to share information. The many documents available on our website, aim to raise awareness and inform the public.

The directory of experts

There are many companies which are harmful to the digital accessibility market owing to their lack of professionalism. Client companies are the first to be affected by this. Consequently, this loss of market confidence affects the entire digital accessibility sector. The disabled suffer from the fall-out of this. Do not give up.

This directory guarantees the quality and reliability of the services offered by certified experts. Our association is committed to acknowledging the work of these companies with this list of experts.

This list of certified experts is, above all, symbol of the confidence which companies have in digital accessibility.

“Accessible” publications

“Accessible” publications are proof of the professionnalisme experts’ professionalism in terms of digital accessibility. They help companies to canvass the chosen service providers. The catalogue of publications offers a first insight into the quality of the services. Our quality policy aims to offer irreproachable services and guarantee companies a real impact on the civic responsibility to which they are committed in support of the disabled. The quality of accessible solutions is a prerequisite favouring the personal development and professional integration of the disabled.

Publications show how seriously our experts take their work.

The practical guides

The practical guides are designed to train and inform people who are interested in digital accessibility. These guides help to support companies when deciding on the choice of service providers. They are technical tools which help companies to shed light on a subject before undertaking an initiative. Guaranteeing technical transparency and facilitating the understanding of the choice of a product is a civic duty which affects the disabled before anyone else.

An enormous number of companies inadvertently waste their budgets on inappropriate products and discredit themselves by offering inaccessible solutions.

Be careful, ask for advice.