Charter of ethics

Our association aims to favour professional integration and personal development of the disabled through concrete actions. The most committed companies support our actions and we work to encourage other companies which feel that they are not concerned.

Our values

In order to succeed with these actions, it is necessary that we comply with the values which favour this project’s fulfilment.

  • e-accessibility makes it its duty to bring together the social and economic aspects of companies
  • e-accessibility makes equal opportunities for disabled workers a point of honour in order to contribute to eradicating the social divide.
  • e-accessibility undertakes to inform companies about how to improve working conditions for the disabled
  • e-accessibility brings together experts in its field and ensures collaborative work
  • e-accessibility ensures that companies’ sponsorship actions are able to support the disabled in their personal and professional development
  • e-accessibility rewards committed companies through effective communication in order to guarantee dynamism and corporate social responsibility
  • e-accessibility ensures that it follows the very latest technological trends in the digital world
  • e-accessibility guarantees the transparency of its actions